Louisiana cooking

5 tips on Louisiana cooking done right

We have been preparing authentic southern meals for a while now. I can tell you what Louisiana cooking is. I can also tell you what it is not, and that is boring. True southern cooking, when done properly will always delight and amaze, so no pressure. How do you delight and amaze your guests with a truly unique offering? Simple, listen and learn. Here is a list of 5 things your meal must include to wow your guests.

1. Presentation: Southern styled Louisiana cuisine looks pretty. That’s right, you heard me. Presentation can make or break an event. How the food looks is a precursor for how your guests imagine it will taste. Don’t believe me? Ugly meals no matter how delicious they are rarely get touched. So, if you are not an artist with food, don’t worry. We are already busy working on our next blog which talks about how to make the food you present win any beauty contest. Stay tuned. 

2.Unique combinations: What do Hawaiian pizza and Louisiana cooking have in common? Killer combinations no one has ever seen before. From pineapple laced coleslaw to deep fried mac and cheese, comfort food was never so unique as it is in an old fashioned Louisiana kitchen. Southerners are a creative lot, and if it has never been tried, then look no further than the kitchens of Baton Rouge or Covington. These hubs are the food labs of the world.

3.Large Portions: if you don’t know or if you already know  when your eating any of our delicious cuisine‘s down here in the South or been a part of an event with southern meals everyone is wowed by the portions that the host serves.We are known here for overfeeding. We have large plates large bowls large spoons etc. so one of the main things you want to do is double calculate your guest amount. And believe me there is nothing more embarrassing for the host and the caterer then when their guest have no more food to enjoy. Always make  sure that you calculate enough food for your event so you don’t run out. Believe me you don’t ever want to be in that horrible experience. 

4. Love: When you cook with love, it shows. Food just tastes better when there is love and care put into it! The way the food looks, smells and tastes is all reflected in the genuine care for what is made and who it is made for. To see the final result is the most amazing and rewarding feeling. The looks on those sweet faces when they are truly awe-struck from a meal is priceless! 

5.Taste: So the last thing I like to talk about is the taste of the different cuisines. There’s so much that we prepare it would be too long too describe here, but let me try. Tasty, delectable, luscious, savory, good, appetizing, choice, palatable, flavorful, well-prepared, well-seasoned, well-done, spicy, sweet, rich, succulent, toothsome, nice, exquisite, dainty, delicate, distinctive, ambrosial, heavenly, tempting, enticing, and finally mouth-watering ahhhhh I could go on and on.One example our clients rave about is our 14 hour smoked brisket in oak applewood and pecan chips. When you first bite into it you can taste the  Apple wood smoked flavored chips. It is so juicy and buttery, yes I said buttery. It melts in your mouth! 

So one last thought before I leave you. Southern cooking is all about imagination. Let the stove be your lab, let the plate be your canvas! Louisiana cooking is a unique art which is best shared. The love you put into it is just as important as the skill. It can take more than a lifetime to become proficient, but it is a worthy goal. Till next time my loves, and happy cooking!



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